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About Us



Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners was founded in Spokane Washington.  Bullhide Liner ® has been in business for over 34 years. Mr. Spring started out as the head applicator, head technician in training and machine fabrication in 1991 then purchased the business in 1999 and has been the owner ever since.


Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners are elastomeric urethane coatings. Any Bullhide Liner ® starts out as a liquid and when mixed with an activator, it becomes a solid rubber coating in 15 seconds.  Using our own specialized formula, we can apply Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners to various substrates:  wood decks, concrete patios, boats and barges, ponds and pools, truck beds, dump trucks, utility trailers, snowmobile trailers and so much more!

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